1.Is There Any Custom Duties?

2.Can I Color My Lavish Hair ? - Yes, All Lavish virgin hair can be colored, but for more vibrant colors I do suggest 613 bundles.

3.According To Different Face Shapes How To Choose Wig? - Choosing the style that best suites is all up to the customer. we cannot determine what wig and style would be best for you by face shapes.

4.How To Bring Your Old Weaves Back To Life? - Restoring your bundles can be easily done by detangling the bundles from ends to weth, then shampoo with a biotin shampoo and conditioner.

5.How to place order in your website? - Our site is is designed for those that aren't internet friendly, you would go click the product that you are interested in purchasing add it to the cart then click check out.

6.When Will I Receive My Refund? - All Refunds Take 7-10 business days depending on your banking. refunds are only available for orders that have not been shipped. once the order has shipped a refund would be invalid due to COVID-19. 

7.Do u Offer Wholesale? - No we  don't offer Wholesale at the moment. 

8.How Long Does It Take For Shipping?- All orders has to go through a processing faze. one your order has processed through your order will be packaged and shipped. The processing may take up to 2-4 business days.

9.Can I Shower Or Swim With Lace Wigs On? - Yes if you have purchased our Waterproof Lace Adhesive. 

10.Why Did My Payment Fail? Check with your bank and make sure that there isnt A issue on your end. If Continues contact the Lavish Designz LLC Team.

11.What If My Order Delivery Was Delayed? - Once the orders have shipped from our warehouse shipment is out of our control.

12. How Can I Purchase A Custom Wig? Contact the CEO (MAC) personally for custom units. 

13. What If the Waterproof glue doesn't hold up with sweat/water? - Lace Adhesive works differently on everyone make sure that you are applying enough layers for the adhesive to stick properly. 1-2 layers may not withstand sweat or water.

14. If Your Problem Can't Be Solved In This Page Please Contact a member of the Lavish Designz LLC team.